Learn How to Dance Effortlessly

Salsa, Bachata, Brazilian Zouk and Kizomba dance classes at JJ are structured and will progressively help you gain the confidence and skills to hit the dancefloor. To understand more about each dance style, click here.

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Beginner Dancers

Social Dancing

Intermediate or Advanced Dancers

Dance Class Structure

Social DancingThis is a session where students will get together to practice and apply what they have learned. A pair of instructors will be present to guide and assist when required.
Beginner   For the new dancers – you need not have any dance experience to join at our Beginner level.
Intermediate 1A If you have gone through a beginner level Salsa or Bachata dance class, join us at 1A to pick up foundation intermediate-level moves.
Intermediate 1B If you have attended classes for at least 2 months, and have a strong grasp of basic Salsa or Bachata footwork and partnerwork, this would be suitable for you.
Intermediate 2We start to string up foundation intermediate-level moves into more stylised patterns at this level. You should ideally have taken classes for at least 4 months to attend this level.
Intermediate 3A The footwork and partnerwork gets more complicated from here-on. We gear our students up to string more intermediate moves together. If you have been dancing for at least 5 months, this course is good for you.
Intermediate 3B / 3C We cover higher-intemediate level footwork and partnerwork for these two courses. You will need to have a strong understanding of intermediate-level moves with at least 6 months of dance experience.
Intermediate / Advanced
This course bridges our students from Intermediate level to Advanced level classes. To benefit from this level, strong techniques in Salsa and/or Bachata leading and following, spins and body movement is advisable.
Our Advanced-level courses cover complicated footwork, body movement and partnerwork patterns for Salsa and Bachata. They aim to challenge and help our students level-up with each lesson. You should ideally have at least 10 months of dance experience.

Salsa and Bachata Classes at JJ