Join us for Salsa, Bachata and Zouk lessons. Our dance classes cater to dancers of all levels, and runs all week so you may join us at a time convenient for you. Find out more about these dances, and watch our instructors in action here.

(As at 12 Aug) Our partner-work classes are currently on-going. Do however note the following important points:

  • Capacity and gender ratio limits apply. Your spot in the class will only be confirmed upon payment. We seek your kind understanding on this.
  • You will be dancing with a fixed partner each session. You will also be required to have a mask on.
  • If you have a preferred partner, do sign up with him/her (include name of person, number and email in the remarks section when registering for class)
  • If you see a “waitlist” beside the class, it means we have hit maximum capacity. Do still sign up to indicate your interest. We can either slot you into the class if there is a drop-out, or run the same class again if the interest is high.
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