Join us for Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba lessons. Our dance classes cater to dancers of all levels, and runs all week so you may join us at a time convenient for you. Find out more about these dances, and watch our instructors in action here.

(As at 16 June) Our studio will be re-opening on 19 June when Phase 2 begins. We will be able to conduct physical classes in our studio and cannot wait to see you. Do however note the following important points:

  • There will still be no partner-work classes currently. All classes listed in this schedule are solo dancing lessons (contact-less).
  • All class dates are subjected to changes, in accordance to COVID-19 government advisories and measures.
  • Each class will have a strict capacity limit, so do register and make payment to confirm your spot. You will be kept updated on any changes promptly.
  • For your safety, you will be required to follow a set of guidelines when attending classes in our studio. More details will be provided soon.

8 July (Wed)
9 July (Thu)
10 July (Fri)
11 July (Sat)
13 July (Mon)
14 July (Tue)
15 July (Wed)
16 July (Thu)
17 July (Fri)
18 July (Sat)
20 July (Mon)
21 July (Tue)
22 July (Wed)
23 July (Thu)
24 July (Fri)
25 July (Sat)
27 July (Mon)
28 July (Tue)
30 July (Thu)
3 August (Mon)
6 August (Thu)
10 August (Mon)