Open / Supplementary Classes

We give you greater flexibility and options with our new Open and Supplementary Class schedule. Click here to view our full list of open/supplementary classes.

Open Classes

Open classes will be on-going classes that run on a fixed day and time. While there won’t be a fixed syllabus, these classes will be great for dancers who are looking to pick up new moves and work on different dance skills such as musicality and body movement.

Supplementary Classes

Complementary to our progressive classes, our supplementary classes cover a wide-range of topics to keep you exploring as dancers. These will include technique, footwork, body movement and partnerwork classes to whet and satisfy your dance appetites.

Movement Class Pack

Purchase 1, 5 or 10 lessons Class Pack and utilise them for our Open and Supplementary classes. With a validity of 6 months, we keep you dancing, and make sure you don’t feel the pinch if you miss out on classes due to work or travel. And of course, the more you purchase, the more you save.

You can purchase our Movement Class Pack for:

  1. 1 Class – $35
  2. 5 Classes – $150 (save $25)
  3. 10 Classes – $270 (save $80)