How to Recognize the Different Dance Style


A social partner dance with Cuban origins, Salsa is a fun dance connecting dancers from all over the world. Salsa music is catchy, percussive and highly energetic. Salsa is now a global phenomenon danced by a close-knit community of passionate dancers.

Learning Salsa from DMI is a progressive, fun experience for new and seasoned dancers. Our Salsa class syllabus has been developed over several years, and we promise a systematic and engaging learning journey to get you to the dance-floor. To sign up for classes, click here.


Bachata is a romantic and sensual dance originating from the Dominican Republic. A social partner dance, it is a fun, expressive style that have got many dancers addicted. Bachata music has also evolved, with Bachata remixes of modern songs keeping dancers on the dancefloor for hours on-end.

Start learning this beautiful dance at DMI with Bachata lessons taught by experienced instructors in a fun and sociable environment! To sign up for classes, click here.


The word “Kizomba” comes from the Kimbundu language of Angola. It means “party” and “kizombadas” were occasions when people gathered to socialise and dance. Today Kizomba stands for the music genre and the dance style, a beautiful sensual social dance experience. With Angolan roots, Kizomba is now danced in many countries. Requiring connectivity and musicality between partners, Kizomba is a conversation of movement between two individuals and the beautiful Kizomba music. To sign up for classes, click here.