Open House 2022

Join us at Open House 2022 to end your year with dance and laughter! Pick up new moves, practice some techniques and widen your dance vocabulary with our whole buffet of fun 1-hour workshops! They will mostly be at the intermediate level and will work to give you something fun and easy to pull off on the dancefloor!

  1. All-access Full Pass – $200 (limited number of full passes)
  2. Half Pass – $120 for 7 workshops
  3. Single workshop – $22
1 Dec (Thu)7.15pmBachata Body Movement & Footwork (Solo)Ee Lian
1 Dec (Thu)8.30pmThe Big Finish in Bachata (Partner)Rudy / Jing Peng
3 Dec (Sat)5.00pmUnderstanding Salsa Music (Solo)Ee Lian
5 Dec (Mon)8.30pmLifts and Tricks (Partner)Ronnie / Arielle
6 Dec (Tues)8.30pmEnergetic Salsa Shines (Solo)Marcus  / Emeline
7 Dec (Wed)8.30pmBachata Freaky Friday (Partner)Rudy / Jing Peng
8 Dec (Thu)7.15pmSalsa Freaky Friday (Partner)Ronnie / Ee Lian
8 Dec (Thu)8.30pmFun Sensual Bachata Moves (Partner)Ronnie / Ee Lian
10 Dec (Sat)5.00pmUnderstanding Bachata Music (Solo)Ee Lian
12 Dec (Mon)8.30pmCool Salsa Hand Shines and Styling (Partner)Ronnie / Ee Lian
14 Dec (Wed)8.30pmBachata Smooth Moves (Partner)Rudy / Jing Peng
15 Dec (Thu)7.15pmSabor Salsa Body Movement & Footwork (Solo)Arielle
15 Dec (Thu)8.30pmFunky Street Cha-cha Shines (Solo)Ee Lian
19 Dec (Mon)8.30pmRueda Fun Moves (Partner)Ronnie / Ee Lian