Want to Know More? – FAQs

  • How do I use OClass Ignite App (JJ Class Management System)?
    1. Search and download the “OClass Ignite” app from Google Play Store or IOS App Store
    2. When launching the app for the 1st time, input “jjdancemovement” as the center name.
    3. If you have not previously registered with us, please click on the “Sign Up” link.
    4. If you are our current student or have previously taken classes with us, your email information would likely have been uploaded into the systems and an account is already created for you. In that case, click on “Login” followed by “Forget Password“. If you do not remember which email account you used, drop us an email at info@jjdancemovement.com.
    5. Input the email you have previously used to register with us. Check your email on instructions to reset your password.
    6. Login into the app using your new password.
    7. After logging in, we would appreciate if you can update your personal details:
      • Click on Profile -> Personal Details
      • Update your: Name, Email, Gender, Date of Birth, Vaccination Status and Phone Number (under “Contacts“)
    8. You are now ready to use the App to check your class schedules and book for your favorite classes.
  • How do I register for a class?
    1. Find and register a class that is right for you using our class schedule, and register for your class via OClass Ignite App or OClass Ignite Web Portal.
    2. You can also make payment online to confirm your enrollment.
  • Do I need to register with a partner?
    1. You can come along on your own, with a bunch of friends, or with a partner.
    2. During our classes, everyone will rotate and dance with a different partner. This gives everyone an opportunity to meet new people!
  • I don’t know in which level of classes I should register for – how can I determine that?
    1. If you are unsure, you can refer to our Dance Class Structure details.
    2. Alternatively, you can also contact us and we will advise accordingly.
  • Can I make up for a missed class?
    1. Yes, you can make up missed classes we strongly encourage you to do so.
    2. Dancers are encouraged to make up missed classes.
    3. There are no refunds for classes missed, but you may take a make-up class at the same or lower level.
    4. Please contact your class instructors to arrange for make-up.
  • What should I wear for classes?
    1. Wear something you feel comfortable in.
    2. Remember – you’re going to be moving, so you want to wear something that facilitates movement rather than restricts it.