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Singapore’s Premier Salsa & Bachata Dance School

JJ Dance Movement is one of the most established dance schools in Singapore offering Salsa, Bachata and Brazilian Zouk dance classes. Our classes are progressively structure which is guaranteed to dance level to greater heights.

We offer various forms of classes and training no matter what your goals are. You could be a total beginner, or someone looking to increase your social dancing vocabulary, or improving your dance techniques, joining competition, doing performance, or just looking to learn something new and have fun at the same time, we will have just the course or workshop for you.

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Established in 2001, we believe that the key to growth and versatility is in having strong fundamentals. Our beginner classes are structured with an emphasis on basics, and our intermediate to advanced classes are designed to help students acquire and develop various techniques. To better understand the structure of our classes, click here.

JJ x Brazilian Zouk SG – Zouk Dance Classes

Together with Brazilian Zouk Sg, we have formed a partnership to offer you quality Zouk classes at JJ studio.

Founded in 2016, Brazilian Zouk Sg is an award-winning street-latin dance school in Singapore that offers Brazilian Zouk group classes and is the reigning Brazilian Zouk Team Champion. They have won multiple awards such as Brazilian Zouk Team Championship 2018, BZDC Jack & Jill 4 times and multiple Bachata & Salsa Jack & Jill Championships. They are recognized by Alex de Carvalho as one of the top Zouk schools in Asia.

Our Instructors

Ee Lian JJ Instructor
Ronnie JJ Instructor
Arielle JJ Instructor
Jing Peng JJ Instructor
Rudy JJ Instructor
Emeline JJ Instructor
Marcus JJ Instructor
Chloe Guest Instructor
Yijie CWDS Instructor
Karen CWDS Instructor
Cheryl CWDS Instructor
Qunyan CWDS Instructor
Frank CWDS Instructor

Our Teams


Led by Ronnie & Ee Lian, JJJ is a Salsa & Bachata performance team with a focus on the fundamentals for enthusiastic learners and aspiring performers.

JJ Ladies Shines Team

The JJ Ladies Shines Team is led and trained by Jing Peng and Ee Lian.