Salsa Casino Rueda 1

Every Friday from 20 August to 17 September (5 classes), 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Instructors Jackson & June
Price $140 Drop-in at $30
No. of classes 5
Class Dates 20 August, 27 August, 3 September, 10 September, 17 September

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About the class

Salsa Casino Rueda or Rueda in short is a form of salsa dance. Rueda means wheel or circle so Rueda translates to salsa dancing done by a group in a circle, with partners being passed around in response to a caller’s commands. What makes Rueda a unique and joyful spectacle is how the “followers” are able to dance in a synchronous manner, to a series of moves called by the “leader”, sometimes in quick succession, all done to lively, upbeat salsa music.