The JJJ Recruitment

We are recruiting for our JJJ(uniors) Performance Team!

The JJJs is a team for intermediate level dancers who have some or no performance background and would like to experience the excitement of performing and dancing in a team.

Led by Ronnie and Ee Lian, this team is a Salsa & Bachata partner work team. It is currently made up dynamic, enthusiastic dancers, who work hard and play even harder together! We now open our doors (and arms) to more like-minded dancers to join this crazy, awesome bunch!

There is no better time than now to take up a new challenge. Join our JJJs, a family of passionate Salsa and Bachata dancers. And fret not about catching up, we will take the time to get you up to speed!

For the months of October and November, new joinees will go through a bridging course with our JJJ trainers on key Salsa and Bachata techniques. We will take the time to break down and teach you the core components of our team training. After this bridging period, you will then join our JJJs for their full training session.

You are required to finish a minimum (or an equivalent) of Salsa Intermediate 1B or Bachata Intermediate 1B.

We are a training performance team for intermediate level dancers who would like to:

  • Improve their dance techniques in both Salsa and Bachata
  • Give performing a go (or continue to be part of exciting performances)
  • Be part of a family of dancers as passionate and as enthusiastic about dancing as you are.

This team will be an ongoing project for dancers, providing you with a longer-term commitment to constant improvement. It will be marked by performance milestones at various local/international events to ensure a balance between performance exposure, and training in social dance techniques. This team will also be performing both Salsa and Bachata choreographies.

Training will include (and will probably not be limited to) body conditioning & body movement, footwork & styling, spins, Salsa and Bachata partnerwork techniques, lifts and tricks, and performance choreographies.