Beginner Trial Classes

Our trial classes are the perfect taster sessions for you to get to know us and the dances we teach! We hold regular Salsa, Bachata and Zouk Beginner trial classes every month.

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JJ Salsa & Bachata Ladies Team

The JJ Ladies team is made up of a fun, sassy bunch of ladies. Dancing both Salsa and Bachata, this team is led by Gaik Leng, Jing Peng and Ee Lian. Their performances are always a mix of fun, playful and sensual stylings. They are diverse, but totally committed, and they are the JJ Ladies Team!

You are required to finish a minimum (or an equivalent) of Intermediate 1B to fully benefit from the team trainings.

To join us, drop us an email at

Training details

Sundays, 11:00am to 1:00pm
Team Trainers: Gaik Leng, Jing Peng and Ee Lian
Fees: A monthly fee is payable upon entry into the team. More information will be provided.

This team will be an ongoing project for dancers, providing you with a longer-term commitment to constant improvement. It will be marked by performance milestones at various local/international events to ensure a balance between performance exposure, and training in social dance techniques.

Training will include (and will probably not be limited to) body conditioning & body movement, footwork & styling, spins, and choreography